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Flocking Features



During simulation particles will attempt to avoid colliding with one another by keeping a set distance away from neighboring particles.

Go to Flock Centring

Flock Centring

Particles will attempt to get as near to the centre of the flock as possible. This ensures flocks stay together and act as a cohesive group.

Go to Velocity Matching

Velocity Matching

Particles attempt to match the velocities of their neighbours by continually comparing their own velocity with that of their neighbours.

Go to Seek


Make particles steer towards a specified target location.

Go to Flee


Make particles steer away from a specified target location as fast as they can.

Go to Wander


Make particles randomly wander around their environment.

Go to Path Following

Path Following

Make particles move along a predetermined path.

Go to Wall Following

Wall Following

Make particles move along the surface of a geometric shape.

Go to Containment


Constrain particles within a volume shape.

Simple, Fast, Great Results

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Create Beautiful Flocking Animations with Minimal Effort

Particle Flocker is a particle-based flocking system integrated into Autodesk Maya, designed for both visual quality and ease of use.

Harnessing the power of Maya's dynamics systems, Particle Flocker utilises a force field system, allowing animators to apply flocking behaviour to any particle-based system in Maya. Particle Flocker is one of the most versatile and yet easy-to-use flocking systems currently available for Maya.

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